Friday, 26 June 2015

For the Italian Community in Chongqing or Coming to Chongqing

APA(Asia Pacific Access) starts a cooperation with GGII (Galileo Galilei Italian Institute) by contributing APA's knowledge for GGII's newsletter readers both in China and in Italy. The contribution will be offered weekly and monthly covering various areas that may appeal to people living, working or doing business in China.

GGII was officially established in Chongqing in Dec 9, 2007, and it's a cooperation between Chongqing University and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. It's financially supported by the Finmeccanica Holding Group - one of Italy’s largest enterprises, and Intesa Sanpaolo - the biggest banking group in Italy. In addition to its roles in academics and cultural promotion between China and Italy, it also helps provide information to foreign companies seeking new opportunities locally as well as Chinese companies seeking to enter the European market. 

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Our contribution to this week's newsletter is as follows, please stay tuned for more coming next week.

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